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Purple Parcels


Provide a nutritious food parcel to feed a hungry family or individual in the UK. Plus each parcel you purchase, 10% will go to Human Appeal’s Where Most Needed Fund, which exists to support the world’s most vulnerable. You can also shop directly from Aytac online, where you'll find a wide range of 15,000 products. Use the code "Humanappeal10" at the checkout to donate 10% of your purchase to Human Appeal's global charitable projects. Shop locally, help locally.


Nourish the nation.

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Package Content;

1 × Aytac Red Lentils Split (1KG)
1 × Fresh Mango Juice (1L)
1 × Aytac Flour (1KG)
1 × Binelli Chickpeas (400G)
1 × Binelli White Beans (400G)
1 × Binelli Chopped Tomatoes (400G)
1 × Aytac Long Grain Rice (1KG)
1 × Aytac Sunflower Oil (1L)
1 × Knorr Kremali Domates Corbasi Cream Tomato Soup (62 G)
1 × Costa Fine Sea Salt (750G)
1 × Dardanel Tuna In Sunflower Oil (3*75G)
1 × Aytac Wafers With Vanilla Cream (300G)
1 × Lakeland Whole Milk (500ML)
1 × Aycan Tunisian Khouat Allig Dates (200G)
1 × Oba Pasta Penne Rigate No:55 (400G)

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