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Aytac Flour is a product that is ideal for a variety of baking tasks. It comes in five kilogram bags and can be purchased in Turkish. It is a popular choice among professional and home bakers alike. Its unique blend of wheat and rye creates delicious bakery products that are easily digestible and easy to use. Whether you need to bake a cake, pie, muffin, or any other type of baked goods, Aytac Flour will make your next baking project a success.

Aytac Flour is a product that you can use in the production of all kinds of bakery products

Aytac Flour is derived from traditional wheat flour. It contains many beneficial properties, including low gluten formation and gas retention. Gluten formation is an important ingredient for bread and other bakery products that require extensibility and a large volume. In order to create these properties, wheat flour needs to be carefully selected. This is why a variety of quality products are available.

It is packed 5 kg

Aytac Flour is a popular flour that can be used to bake various kinds of products. Aytac flour is a traditional wheat flour that is produced in a hygienic environment without human touch. Unlike other wheat flours, Aytac flour is suitable for all baking needs, including cakes and breads. Aytac flour is sold in 5 kg bags, making it convenient to store and use.

It is available in Turkish

You may not be aware of this, but Aytac flour is a staple in Turkish households. It is a traditional wheat flour that is made in a hygienic environment without the use of human touch. Regardless of whether you are looking to make cookies, pancakes, or breads, Aytac flour is the perfect solution. You can find it in both Turkish and English.

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