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Showing 1 - 48 of 59 products
Aycan Parmak Sucuk (1KG)
Aytac Parmak Sucuk (1KG)
Aytac Aytac Parmak Sucuk (1KG)
Sale price£10.99
Aytac Sliced Pastirma (80G)
Aycan Kangal Sucuk (1KG)
Elif Adana Kebap (560G)
Elif Elif Adana Kebap (560G)
Sale price£6.75
Aynoor Chicken Jumbo Sausages (500G)
Aynoor Beef Salami (450G)
Aytac Kayseri Sucuk (450G)
Dadas Kuzu Kokorec (250G)
Elif Akcaabat Kofte (750G)
Aynoor Sliced Mortadella Chicken (200G)
Aynoor Sliced Turkey Rashers Breast (130G)
Aynoor Beef Sausages (400G)
Aynoor Chicken Salami (450G)
Aytac Kangal Sucuk (1KG)
Aytac Aytac Kangal Sucuk (1KG)
Sale price£10.99
Aynoor Spicy Salami (450G)
Aynoor Beef Sausage (300G)
Elif Cevapcici Inegol (750G)
Aytac Parmak Sucuk (500G)
Aynoor Spicy Chicken Sausage (300G)
Aytac Turkey Extra Chorizo (250G)
Aynoor Feta Cheese %60 (800G)
Aynoor Beef Salami With Olive (450G)
Aynoor Sliced Mortadella Salami Turkey (200G)
Aynoor Beef Salami (800G)
Elif Meat Doner (450G)
Elif Elif Meat Doner (450G)
Sale price£5.63
Aynoor Sliced Mortadella Chicken W.Paprika (200G)
Elif Chicken Doner (450G)
Aynoor Parmak Sucuk (1KG)
Aynoor Feta Cheese %60 (400G)
Aynoor Garlic Salami (450G)
Aynoor Chicken Frankfurther Sausages (300G)
Aynoor Sliced Smoked Turkey Rashers Breast (130G)
Aynoor Mini Beef Sausage (300G)
Aynoor Sliced Turkey Breast (130G)
Aynoor Chicken Sausages (400G)
Aynoor Sliced Turkey Salami Style (130G)
Aynoor Chicken Sausage (300G)
Aytac Turkey Extra Salchichon (250G)
Aynoor Mini Chicken Sausage (300G)
Aynoor Sliced Roast Turkey Breast (130G)
Elif Cheese Kofte Kasarli (450G)
Aynoor Sliced Chicken Breast (130G)
Aynoor Feta Cheese %55 (400G)
Aynoor Chicken Salami (800G)
Elif 6 Beef Burger (600G)
Aynoor Feta Cheese %55 (800G)
Aynoor Feta Cheese %45 (800G)

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