Recep Ercan

Aytac Foods grew from humble beginnings 1999, under the leadership of Mr Recep Ercan.


Aytac Foods Mission


Aytac’s mission was to introduce quality Mediterranean and Turkish Halal grocery products to the UK market. Ove the past 20 years the grocery range has widened to over 5000 different items including an enormous variety of product categories such as pulses, spices, herbs, honey, pasta, juices, dairy, chilled  cooked Halal meats, dates, pickles, olives, olive oils, jams and much more encompassing the whole Mediterranean diet and the spectrum of Middle Eastern groceries. The Aytac range also now has a large selection of Organic & Wellbeing products following the acquisition of Goodness Whole Foods, a leading player in the sector with over 40 years of history.

As customers’ requirements and competitiveness are of the utmost importance and a top priority for Aytac, it has always strived to offer the best possible prices and promotions for its grocery lines, maximising the widest margins for its clients, whom it considers as partners.


Next-day delivery to UK markets


To that end, Aytac has consistently pushed the barriers in offering the best customer service and experience, being one of the first pioneers in its sector to offer next-day delivery to clients in the UK market.

This has not been easy, however, as its client base has expanded over the last 20 British Isles. To meet the delivery challenges of this success, Aytac responded by establishing a second distribution hub in the Norh of England, at Ashton-Under-Lyne in Greater Manchester. It also increased its sales team to over 27 members and is investing further in its logistics operation by reinforcing the number of delivery lorries it has on the road.

Today Aytac covers all of England, Scotland and Ireland through a sophisticated network of Account Managers and Regional Distributors. They visit clients on partner a regular basis and have earned their trust and respect as a partner in a mutually profitable enterprise.


TRS-Aytac Cash & Carry


In January 2021 the company embarked on a new venture, with the aim of expanding its client-base and extending the product variety further along the “Silk Route” into Asia.

It did this by joining forces with one of the oldest and most reputable Asian brands on the European continent: TRS. It was sparked by one of Aytac’s Asian supply partners, Tilda, who recognised the huge potential for both firms and what together the could achieve.

The new owners of the TRS brand, the Vibrant Foods group, have agreed to use Aytac’s location as one of their main procurement hubs in England, giving customers the opportunity to buy all their TRS-branded products under one roof at the same prices, just as they have always done in the past from their cash & carry.

To oversee the implementation of this TRS-Aytac Cash & Carry project, Mr Ercan has brought on board Mr Mahyar Azarakhsh as Operations Director. Mahyar has perfect national as well as international experience, with over 27 years in the Grocery and FMCG trade, to lead ambitious “Silk Route” project forward.