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Traditionally, Turkish Lahmacun is a meat dish, similar to the Kiymali Turkish Pide. It is a flatbread topped with meat, vegetables and herbs. Some variations contain roasted lamb, beef or even chicken. While most of the meat is minced, other ingredients include mint, cilantro, or even dill. Lahmacun is a delicious way to start a meal. But before we delve into the deliciousness of this traditional street food, we’ll discuss what makes it special.

Lahmacun is a popular street food in Turkey

Authentic lahmacun is best found in specialty food stores. In Istanbul, you’ll find plenty of them in the Ayranstrasse district, while in Gulhane and Sultanahmet, you’ll find them in side markets. In Bursa, you’ll find them in Beyazit. In addition to their taste, they’re great for sharing and can be purchased from many stands.

It is similar to Kiymali Turkish Pide

Kiymali Turkish Pide is a popular Turkish breakfast dish. It is a thinly sliced bread topped with melted cheese, feta cheese, or sausage. The pide dough is easily made in advance and can be stored in the fridge for two days. After the dough has been made, stretch the pide on both sides and brush it with oil. Bake the pides for about twenty to thirty minutes until golden brown and crisp. After baking, sprinkle with parsley or red pepper flakes and serve.

It is made with minced beef or lamb

A common version of lahmacun uses minced beef or lamb, onion, parsley, tomato paste, and garlic. This version has a more realistic appearance and is made by hand. If you can’t find lamb, use beef instead. Both are popular in restaurants and at home. Make sure to stir in some sumac and pepper. Mix the ingredients together and refrigerate for one hour or overnight.

It uses red pepper paste

The ingredients in Turkish Lahmacun are simple and widely available. They are a traditional snack that originated in the south eastern region of Turkey but is now available in Turkish restaurants across the country. The base of the dish is made of ground meat, onions, garlic, and tomato puree, and then topped with red pepper paste. The traditional topping can also be made with bread and tomato puree.

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