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If you have not tried Turkish delicacies yet, then you should! This article explains the origins and popularity of these delights in London. Listed below are the best places in London to enjoy a Turkish delicacy. You can even take your pick from a variety of delicious Turkish sweets at home. These delicacies are available in many different countries, but they have found a home in the UK thanks to their popularity in the UK.

Origin of Turkish delicacies

The origin of Turkish Delights in London can be traced back to the 19th century, when a British merchant named his new confectionery ‘Lokum’ (a morsel in Turkish) and brought it back to London. British merchants christened them with this name, which was borrowed from Arabic, and became the official term for Turkish Delights. The confectionary quickly became an exclusive treat among the elite of Europe.

In the nineteenth century, Bekir Efendi, an Englishman, discovered the rahat lokum (the Jelly of Istanbul) in the shop of Haci Bekir, located in a twisty lane leading from the Topkapi Palace to the Bosporus. This sweet quickly became a rage throughout Europe, and in 1893, it was brought to the United States, where it debuted at the Chicago World’s Fair.

Popularity of Turkish delicacies in London

The popularity of Turkish delicacies in London is reflected in the city’s ethnic diversity. Turkish communities in the U.K. have historically tended to cook their own food and eat at home. While the new generation is increasingly inclined to try out restaurants and eat out, the traditional Turkish way of cooking remains popular. A typical Turkish meal starts with soup and continues with meat, legumes, pasta, and bulgur pilav. Dessert is often pastry or fruit based.

The Turkish version of this dish is far more refined. You can sample a variety of Turkish delicacies in London, such as kebabs, eggplant, and grape juice syrup. You might even catch a glimpse of a king or a princess eating a Turkish-style baklava in a café. If you’re looking for a great Turkish dinner in London, there are dozens of restaurants in the city that serve Turkish delicacies.

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