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Aytac Halal Foods Ltd. is one of the leading halal food companies in London. It has recently completed a merger with Jellyman. Aytac’s plans include expanding into the dry foods and nuts markets, as well as expanding its customer base beyond Muslims. With a focus on high-quality products, this company is committed to providing halal products at reasonable prices.

Aytac Halal Foods Ltd

Aytac Halal Foods Limited is a British food company with brands in the halal food sector. In the United Kingdom, they have expanded their operations to include an organic unit, Goodness Foods. The company has a history that spans almost 40 years. With over one hundred brands and a distribution network that reaches the three million Muslims in Britain, Aytac Halal Foods Ltd has been making an impact on the halal food sector.

The company has acquired a number of companies in recent years, including Manchester-based Monalisa. Last year, it acquired confectionary firm Jellyman, which is well known for its halal food products and whose origins are in Bangladesh. With these acquisitions, Aytac Halal Foods Ltd has begun marketing yoghurt in Britain under the brand name Aynoor. The company is hoping that this move will change how people consume yoghurt.

Attracting customers from other ethnicities

In 2012, Aytac acquired the Monalisa firm from Manchester and last year, it acquired the confectionery company Jellyman, which also has halal roots. Aytac has a number of initiatives in place to appeal to Britain’s growing Asian Muslim community. Aytac is aiming to change the way people eat yoghurt by marketing it under the “Aynoor” brand in Britain.

The company is expanding to include yoghurt and dry foods. It also has ambitions to lead the frozen foods market. In addition, it is developing products aimed at the traditional British palate. Its recent activities have led to widespread media coverage and increased sales. The Aytac Halal Food London store has also received positive press from local media. However, despite its impressive expansion, the company still faces the challenge of attracting customers from other ethnic groups.

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