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There is a Halal Food Festival London! This event was created by Imran Kausar, a doctor by trade who has been searching for halal versions of south Asian dishes. Imran conceived the event after finding it difficult to find halal versions of the foods he grew up eating. His quest to create the Halal Food Festival London gave him the inspiration to bring this event to London! Here are some tips to help you find your way around the Halal Food Festival London.


The first ever Ex Halal Food Festival London took place on Saturday, August 25, in the heart of London. Featuring over 100 halal food and drink exhibitors, the event will include celebrity chefs, live cookery demonstrations, cooking classes, and restaurant exhibits. Founded by a couple from London, the festival is a testament to the growing need for halal food and drink in the UK. According to Rosie Boycott, chairman of the London Food Board, halal meat accounts for 15 percent of the total meat market in the UK.


On 27 and 28 September, London will play host to the first ever Halal Food Festival. The event is the biggest of its kind in the UK, attracting more than one hundred exhibitors from around the world. Over three days, the festival will showcase the contributions of the Halal market, as well as providing a platform for businesses to promote halal products. Visitors will be able to sample food and drink from restaurants and street food stalls, and experience an interactive cooking school.


The London Halal Food Festival is a three-day consumer food event that is dedicated to the needs of halal-eating foodies. This festival takes place from 27 to 29 September 2013 at the London Excel. It will feature over 100 halal food and drink exhibitors, including halal-certified restaurants and street food vendors. While the festival itself is not particularly Islamic, it does promote and support halal-certified products and restaurants.

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