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Halal meat is indispensable for Muslims. For this reason, Muslims generally prefer to eat meat with the ‘halal’ certificate on it. Aytac Food uses Halal meat in sausage and sausage production. Consumers can check the halal certificate before purchasing and review the documents held on the official website.

Conditions for Meat to be Halal

What are the conditions for meat to be halal? Aytac Food fulfills the necessary conditions for the meat to be halal in sausage and sausage production. Beef, venison, chicken, lamb, game birds and fish are considered halal. Reptiles and pigs are prohibited animals. The necessary conditions for halal meat are as listed below.

  • First of all, one of the suitable animals specified above should be selected.
  • The name of Allah (God) should be pronounced while the animal is slaughtered.
  • The animal must not be unconscious, sick or dead.
  • The animal should be hung up by its feet so that its meat can flow to the ground. Otherwise, eating blood is not halal.
  • All these steps must be accomplished by a Muslim.
  • It should not be forgotten that for the animal to be halal, the meat it eats must also be halal. The animal should not be given any food containing meat or alcohol.

In addition to all these, it is extremely important that the blade is well sharpened in order to prevent the animal from suffering too much. It should never be intended to deliberately torture an animal. Otherwise, this situation is considered as killing instead of halal slaughter.

Aytac Halal Sucuk Sausage

Aytac fulfills high quality standards in sausage and sausage production. It attaches great importance to halal meat and has the necessary certificates for consumers to control it. In this way, Aytac halal sausages and sausages can be purchased by Muslim consumers with peace of mind.

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