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“If you are looking for a halal butcher shop in London, you will find it at the Halal Meat Market London. The market is a Mediterranean supermarket with a halal butcher shop. All of the products are not stunned, which is a great plus. This is a halal butcher shop that is accredited by the London Borough of Newham. You can check its current rating by visiting their website.


The Berries Market specializes in Middle Eastern groceries and serves the local community year-round. Much like a berry bush, which produces plentiful amounts of fruit in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also known for their health benefits. In fact, the berries are grown in five continents, and the halal butcher shop here is open year-round! For your convenience, you can shop for halal meat and other food items at Berries.

Berries is a Mediterranean supermarket

If you’re looking for halal and Middle Eastern groceries in London, then you’ve come to the right place. Berries specializes in Middle Eastern groceries and has a bakery, butcher shop, and takeaway restaurant. It has a variety of fresh foods and offers halal certification. It is a great place for your weekly shopping, and there are even special events in the Middle East throughout the year.

Berries has a halal butcher shop

The Berries supermarket is a halal grocer specializing in Middle Eastern groceries. The store has a bakery and takeaway menu, as well as a halal butcher shop. Husam Mohammed, who was born in the Middle East, began working in the food distribution industry abroad in 1997. Within three years, he had opened four supermarkets. His goal was to provide the best shopping experience possible with unbeatable prices. In 2010, Husam Mohammed immigrated to Canada. He grew a business in the food distribution industry in Montreal.

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