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Baklava is famous around the world for its taste. Baklava ingredients basically include pastry, pistachio or hazelnut and butter. The use of quality ingredients and the correct cooking and adding sherbet make baklava so delicious. But how can you tell the quality of baklava? According to baklava experts, this is extremely easy to understand. Here is everything consumers wonder about quality baklava.

Tips for Understanding Quality Baklava

Experts who have been working in the production and sale of baklava for many years say that quality baklava can be understood from the crackling sound it makes, a large number of pistachios in it, and its bright color. After eating high quality baklava, it should not leave a burning sensation in the stomach or throat. If you do not have any disease, you should not feel any burning after you start chewing or while swallowing the baklava. In the meantime, the nose should smell of butter.

From the outside, the baklava should have an appetizing appearance. The taste of the pistachios in it should leave a pleasant taste in the mouth. Consumers should avoid buying baklavas that are sold well below the market price.

Why is Quality Of Baklava Important?

Understanding the quality of baklava is essential in many ways. First of all, people who eat poor quality baklava may even get sick. No one wants to eat baklava made from spoiled or improperly stored ingredients. At the same time, if baklava is not produced from natural materials, it can trigger many conditions, from diabetes to blood pressure. The World Health Organization draws attention to the fact that at least half a billion people get sick every year due to food. Cheap and poor quality baklava endangers people’s health. Therefore, consumers should be careful, and they should buy baklava by paying attention to tips.

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