How to Produce Aytac Sausages

Sausages are among the indispensable foods in daily life. Hygiene is essential in the production of sausages, which are widely preferred for breakfast tables or snacks. Aytac sausages are extremely popular among users, thanks to their excellent taste and hygienic production process. At the same time, Aytac has different types of meat products for consumers with different tastes. This widespread use also causes consumers to ask how to produce Aytac sausages.

Recipe of Aytac Sausages

Aytac sausages are produced using the meat and fat of bovine & ovine animals or chicken. The meat is first ground and seasoned. Spices are indispensable for sausages. Therefore the right spices should be added in meticulously determined quantities. Then, the culture is added to the mix and placed in an artificial sheath or natural animal intestine. The meat is kept for a while to be fermented, and the humidity is reduced below 40 percent or 50 percent by drying.

Heat treated Aytac sausages are in great demand by consumers as they are ready to eat in a short time. It is ensured that white meats are heat-treated at a minimum of 72 degrees and veal at 68 degrees. In this way, harmful microorganism formations that may occur in raw products are prevented, and consumers can healthily eat their sausages. As a result, heat-treated sausages are healthier and last longer.

Types Of Aytac Sausages

Aytac sausages have different types depending on which animals the meat belongs to or the way it is made. For example, the humidity rate for fermented sausage should be below 40 percent, but this rate is 50 percent for heat-treated sausage. In addition Aytac garlic sausage contains a large amount of garlic. Aytac sausages can be produced from red meat as well as from white meat. Consumers can buy Aytac sausages suitable for their taste and/or nutritional habits.

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