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In the midst of the bustling bustle of the West End, the Turkish Shop – Aytac is an oasis of tranquillity and organic food. Its owner, Mr Recep Ercan, focuses on delivering his organic products directly to customers. He also offers an online shopping service for his customers. Here are the essential elements that he believes will attract customers to his establishment.


Aytac Foods is one of the leading players in the British ethnic food market. Their products are more than just Turkish food; they appeal to a broader audience than the largely Turkish population of London. The company was founded by Recep Ercan, who has extensive experience in the food industry and is credited with introducing Turkish food to a global audience. The company is now present in 30 countries and has hundreds of products under 35 brands.


Aytac Foods has a long history in the ethnic food market in the UK, but its London store appeals to more than just the ethnic Turkish community. Its founder, Recep Ercan, has a vast experience in the food industry and was the first to bring Turkish products to a wider audience. Today, Aytac operates in 30 countries and offers hundreds of products under 35 different brands.


If you are interested in purchasing authentic Turkish products, a retail store in London is the perfect place to start. Aytac foods offers a vast selection of fresh Turkish food and ingredients, including dried fruit, olive oil, and spices. The Turkish Shop offers a wide selection of these foods, as well as a number of other Mediterranean products. They also have an online grocery store for easy shopping in Japan.

Expansion plans

The Aytac Halal Foods Company is expanding its range of halal frozen foods, dry and yoghurt. It also has ambitions to lead the frozen foods market, with new products designed to appeal to the traditional British palate. Their expansion plans are garnering positive press, especially in local news outlets. However, the company faces a challenge in attracting customers of other ethnicities.

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