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If you’re looking for authentic Turkish food, Aytac Foods is a leading Turkish supermarket in London – is definitely worth a visit. Although it caters to the Turkish-speaking population in London, this supermarket appeals to a much wider audience. Recep Ercan, who founded the company, has extensive experience in the food market and was one of the first people to introduce Turkish products to an overseas audience. Today, the company operates in thirty countries and offers hundreds of products under 35 brands.

Grand Chef Turkish Pogaca with Cheese

Pogacas are a traditional breakfast and teatime treat from Turkey. They are extremely easy to make at home and will leave your kitchen smelling divine. They are particularly popular with children, and are a cheap and tasty breakfast option. Make them at home for the same flavours you find at the Turkish restaurant. This recipe will give you the results of this traditional Turkish treat.

Merger with Jellyman

The Turkish supermarket Aytac has bought Manchester-based Monalisa, and last year it acquired halal confectionery company Jellyman. With roots in Bangladesh, Jellyman specialises in halal confectionery products. Aytac hopes to appeal to Britain’s growing Muslim community by changing the way we eat yoghurt.

The company has recently expanded its range to include nuts, dry foods and yoghurts. It also hopes to dominate the frozen foods market. It is also developing products to appeal to the traditional British palate. While many people associate Turkish food with Turkey, Aytac has also gained a following in the UK thanks to recent activity. Here is what you can expect from the Turkish Supermarket in London.

Expansion into nuts and dry foods market

The nuts and dry fruit market is growing at an impressive rate. Dried fruits are fruits whose water content has been removed and which have then been dehydrated. Edible nuts are the seeds of various fruits and are high in fat content. Both nuts and dried fruits are wholesome food sources that provide essential minerals and dietary fibres.

Increasingly, manufacturers of dry fruits and nuts are launching new varieties with organic ingredients and non-GMO components to capture the attention of consumers.

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