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You can enjoy the traditional flavours of Turkey without spending a fortune in a Turkish shop. Turkish supermarkets are stocked with traditional products, including meat and fish counters, bread, cakes and pastries. Besides Turkish food, you can find toiletries and shampoo, as well as cheese and snacks. You can also sample Turkish-style coffee and tea. And if you’re not yet convinced by Turkish food, you can read on to discover the best places to try it.

Authentic Turkish meal

Aytac Foods has become one of the most important players in the British ethnic foods market. It appeals to a much wider demographic than just the Turkish community in London. Founded by Recep Ercan, the company is now active in over 30 countries and offers hundreds of products under 35 different brands. Whether you are looking for an authentic Turkish meal or simply a wide variety of Turkish snacks and drinks, there’s a shop near you!

The halal principles of Aytac Foods allow the company to offer a range of delicious products. It also works with the world’s largest olive produce, Marmarabirlik, to market a wide range of olives and olive oils to consumers. Because Aytac adheres to strict halal principles, its products are of the highest quality and are priced affordably.

Traditional Turkish food shop near you

If you’re looking for a traditional Turkish food shop near you, then you’ve probably come to the right place. Aytac Foods is a giant in the British ethnic food market, with products that appeal to a much wider audience than the Turkish-speaking community in the capital. Founded in 1997 by Recep Ercan, the company has grown into a multinational corporation with over thirty countries and hundreds of products under 35 brands.

It’s easy to find one near you, and their food is also reasonably priced. Among the many varieties of Turkish foods, they feature olives from around the world. Moreover, they feature olive oils made from olive oil, which are suitable for vegans. The quality of their products is also unbeatable, and the prices are very affordable. You can find a Turkish food shop near you in London by following the links below.

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